31 Mar 2009 – Visions of Atlantis to appear at METALCAMP 2009 Visions of Atlantis will play an exclusive Festival Show this summer on 3rd July at the Metalcamp in Tolmin (SLO) with the new Singer Joanna Nieniewska, which will be the only festival appearance this year before the band focuses on the recording of their fourth album, which it’s title will be announced soon! 01 Feb 2009 – New Singer Presentation! We are proud and happy to present Joanna Nieniewska as the new female Voice of Visions of Atlantis. This 20 year old Austrian girl offers a wide range and a strong soprano combined with a great natural feeling for vocal harmonies. For more information about her just take a look into the forum where you can find an exclusive interview with Joanna for


03 Sep 2008 – Good & Bad News! First the bad news – in a mutual agreement with the organisation of Metal Female Voices Festival, we have come to the point to not play at this year’s edition and postpone the appearance to 2009 when we are ready with a new album and have perfectly arranged our show with the new singer.

This leads to the good news – WE HAVE FOUND A NEW FEMALE SINGER! More information will follow quite soon 🙂

20 Jun 2008 – Visions of Atlantis at MFVF6!

Visions Of Atlantis will appear at Metal Female Voices Festival 6 in Wieze, Belgium on October 18th 2008! There are still some questions left about the new singer, but we are very optimistic to announce a new singer soon! There will also be some other shows in October 2008!

23 Feb 2008 – Trinity & Cast Away released in Japan!

TRINITY & CAST AWAY are now available in Japan! Both records have been released in Japan early this year by Hot-Rockin/Disk Heaven! Trinity is released with an exclusive bonus video which was not on the other versions.

So all of you living in Japan – go get the albums!

15 Feb 2008 – Win with Visions of Atlantis!

25 Jan 2008 – New T-Shirts Available!

Napalm Records have printed “Trinity” t-shirts, which are available right NOW on the label’s webstore:



02 Dec 2007 – Visions of Atlantis looking for new female singer!

No longer looking. New singer found!


29 Nov 2007 – Thomas Caser’s (drums & management) statement

Here is Thomas Caser, the band’s drummer & management’s statement regarding the recent drop-out’s and statements made by them:-

“In the past 7 years I have dedicated ALL my energy into Visions of Atlantis, I have been responsible to bring the band up from scratch – got all the record deals, shows, tours, did ALL the work there is besides the music and put all my personal interests aside so I can focus on the band. For this time I also put my professional career behind in order to focus on the band… I have seen people join and leave the band, understood all of their personal/musical views and have never had any hard feelings about them. But, if you commit to something where other people are involved with, may it be bandmates, fans, record label, then you also have some sort of responsibility towards them. That’s my (our) point and that is why we are upset with this situation. Or should we be happy??? I cannot go out and say – all the best to you and thanks for leaving us before such an important tour. This was crucial for Visions of Atlantis, we could have hit a bigger audience, the tour we have always dreamed about… If it was “only” Wolfgang leaving, we could live well with the situation, but it is our singer – our “face” – who has left. And she left because he left, that’s a fact. Fearing that the musical direction could become more “Cast Away” orientated.

Kamelot tour is cancelled, they are already looking for a replacement. So to all who have been looking forward to see Visions of Atlantis live – please don’t blame it on Visions of Atlantis. Visions of Atlantis will continue and we hope that you all stay with us!

BUT we have some good news for you – our friend WERNER FIEDLER is back in the band! He was mainly responsible for the songwriting of the first two records and we are happy that he’s back!!!”

28 Nov 2007 – Melissa & Wolfgang leave Visions of Atlantis

Yes, you read right, Melissa, as well as her boyfriend Wolfgang are not in Visions of Atlantis anymore. We were as much shocked about that as you must be, but it is the sad truth. Some people just don’t know what the word commitment means…

We (the remaining rest of VoA) want to appologize to all fans out there who believed in us and supported us, we hope you stay loyal with VoA. Of course we are trying to find a substitute for Melissa, we already have one for Wolfgang (to be announced soon). The show must go on…

At this point we do not know what happens regarding the Kamelot tour… It is surely not as easy as Melissa states below.

Well, please read their official blahblah about dropping out below.

Melissa: “This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make because its not something I necessarily want to do, but it is something I feel I have to do. I have decided to leave Visions of Atlantis. There are a few reasons why, but primarily it has to do with where my priorities are at the present time. This doesn’t mean that I will stop making metal, but my preferences, needs, desires have shifted now. And honestly, I don’t want to write music with a group that Wolfgang isn’t a part of.

I want to also apologize for those who were excited for the Kamelot tour. But it sounds like the guys are going to find another singer to fill the slot. I feel most bad about this because I was looking forward to meeting so many of you and seeing our friends/fans again.


I want to thank everyone for supporting VoA over the last few years and thank the guys for everything! It’s been a blast! To all the friends/fans, it has been great getting to know you. Thanks for everything!!”

Wolfgang: “After months of thinking about the pros and cons, I finally have decided to leave VoA.
I wanna express that I leave VoA without any hard feelings or any fights involved, it’s a personal decision, not really dealing with the relation to anybody else in the group. I know I owe VoA a lot, it has given me great tours, a great possibility, perfect support from Napalm, I saw places IÂŽd never seen in my life and IÂŽve played crowds bigger than any crowd I’ll ever play again. And I’ve met a ton of great people, and had a blast drinking with the guys 😉

I especially feel bad for Mario, who was already eager to start the songwriting for the next album, and has been my main partner for what  turned out to be my songs on Trinity. Needless to mention all the improvements he brought for the Harbi tracks.

I don’t feel creative in a VoA context any more. All the stuff I’ve written since Trinity doesn’t fit to VoA at all, as naturally, I cannot go less heavy than let’s say “Wing Shaped Heart” and I’ve found myself happier with heavier music. And I know that there’s a certain limit to where you can push VoA music without being too far off from what was created by the previous line-ups. I analyzed “Cast Away” pretty well, and tried to discover the core of the music, without the production and arrangements & add my own style to forge my Trinity songs, which turned out well, and I’m still happy with them. But on the other hand, I cannot stand behind certain other parts of the VoA-Legacy or present with all I got, and with the labelling it brought with it. I guess even if we had written a Deathmetal-album, everybody still would label VoA a “version II” of some Finnish band I highly dislike, just because of the music composed on the first album and the promotion done on the second one. Trinity has no influence except our own, and certainly is no “version II” of something, but too many people are either deaf or still associate the current line-up with previous VoA recordings automatically, therefore I think that VoA might never get the attention/credibility it earned with great parts of Trinity.

So yeah, good luck to the guys & thanks to everybody cool I’ve met or the VoA-fans around the globe I’ve met.”

25 Nov 2007 – VOA pull off the Sonata Arctica USA/CAN tour!

After weeks of very unprofessional behaviour of former North American booking agent John Finberg, Visions of Atlantis decided together with Napalm Records, to pull off the Sonata Arctica tour. We are very sorry for all fans who had looked forward to this, but we will surely be back another time and wish Sonata Arctica a great tour.

Things just got out of control with the “booking agent” and we are happy not having to work with this person anymore.

13 Nov 2007 – “LOST” on GoTV!

Our video “Lost” will be played this Friday, November 16th on “GoTV”, Austria’s premiere music channel – It is available throughout Europe via Satellite.

09 Nov 2007 – Ghost Opera Tour with Kamelot Flyer!

07 Nov 2007 – Athens show moved!

Due to some local problems, the show with Kamelot in Athens on 16.04.2008 has changed venues, now the show will be at Fuzz Club!

24 Oct 2007 – Press Release: European Tour w/ Kamelot

Press Release: Tampa Florida October  22 , 2007

KMI Entertainment and ICS International

Kamelot’s Ghost Opera European Tour Part II 2008!!

After the release of their great new album “Ghost Opera” / SPV, KAMELOT will hit the road again and will do shows in main areas of Europe .

The album entered a lot of charts in different countries.
For example: Norway #25, Sweden #29, Finland #35, USA #48, Netherlands 51, Germany #61, France #83, Switzerland #83, Greece #23, Japan #13, UK #24

With the success of The Ghost Opera album fans are demanding more, more, more! Melodic metal masters KAMELOT return to select Europe cities for a once in a lifetime tour and stage show. Bringing with them as special guests the Greek heavyweights “Firewind” and the Austrian/American female fronted group “Visions of Atlantis”, this package will be one of the highlights of the year.

Founder and guitarist Thomas Youngblood adds: “The shows in connection with this album so far have been amazing, the fans and the band are as one everynight and there is an almost kinship between us. The shows will be something we will cherish forever!”

Singer/songwrite Khan adds: This “Ghost Opera Tour Europe ” will be our last tour of Europe until the next studio release, so we are planning even more specials for the fans!”

Special guests on this memorable tour are Greek phenoms Firewind with virtuoso guitarist Gus G at the helm.

“I’m glad we’re finally able to confirm a full European tour together with our buddies from Kamelot! As if the excitement wasn’t enough when we announced the Japan tour with them, the idea popped up to do the full European run in 2008. What a great way to start the next year! We an’t wait to come back and play for all our fans as well as make new ones. See you out there soon!” – Gus / Firewind.

Also on tour will be female fronted gothic metal band Visions of Atlantis . This hybrid of America/Austrian members are making waves in the scene as one of the premier up and coming bands.

“We are very excited to announce that we will be on tour with Kamelot through the whole of Europe !  They are such fantastic and respectable musicians, and we are really proud to be partaking in this experience – this package simply rocks. It will be great to be able to play for our European friends again as well…it has been quite a while away from you all! Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks to Kamelot for giving us this wonderful experience!” – Melissa / Visions Of Atlantis.

ICS Festival Service,  Rock Hard Magazine,, Wacken Radio, Wacken Roadshow & presents:




04.04.2008 UK London Carling Academy
05.04.2008 UK Wolverhampton Wulfrun
06.04.2008 N L Amsterdam Paradiso
09.04.2008 BEL Antwerpen Hof Ter Loo
10.04.2008 GER SaarbrĂŒcken Garage
11.04.2008 FRA Paris Elysee Montmatre
12.04.2008 SWI Pratteln Z7
13.04.2008 ITA Milano Alcatraz
16.04.2008 GRE Athens Gagarin 205
17.04.2008 GRE Thessaloniki Ydrogeios
18.04.2008 BUL Sofia Hristov Botev
19.04.2008 SER Beograd SKC
20.04.2008 HUN Budapest Wigwam
22.04.2008 GER MĂŒnchen Backstage
23.04.2008 GER Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik
24.04.2008 GER Essen Weststadthalle
25.04.2008 GER Hamburg Markthalle
28.04.2008 FIN Helsinki Tavastia
29.04.2008 FIN Oulu Teatria
01.05.2008 SWE Stockholm Klubben
02.05.2008 SWE Gothenburg TrÀdgarn
03.05.2008 NOR Oslo Sentrum Scene

Tickets for shows in Germany available through: & hotline: +49 4627 183838

15 Oct 2007 – More US Tourdates with Sonata Arctica!

Five new US tour dates with Sonata Arctica have been announced.

01.02.2008 USA – Hartford CT, Webster Theater

02.02.2008 USA – Bedford NH, Mark’s Place

03.02.2008 USA – Sayreville NJL, Starlite Room

05.02.2008 CAN – QuĂ©bec City QUE, ImpĂ©rial de QuĂ©bec

06.02.2008 CAN – London ONT, Embassy

Tickets are on sale exclusively through until 31/10.

21 Sep 2007 – Updates from the US!

With the North America Tour supporting EPICA underway, Visions of Atlantis have taken the time to produce a tour diary (with pictures!) of the tour so far (currently only available in German/Austrian! Sorry!), you can find them here: Stormbringer: The Austrian Heavyzine or sounds2move!


Be sure to check out the Backstage Pass website today as there will be videos for the live concert at Station 4, St.Paul, Minnesota on 17/09/2007! They will be available from 09:00 – 21:00 Central US Time. So be sure to check them out!

02 Sep 2007 –

Supporting SONATA ARCTICA in Canada and USA in 2008!

Visions of Atlantis will be supporting SONATA ARCTICA in Canada and the USA in February 2008! Although the current North American tour has not even started yet, Visions of Atlantis are scheduled to return there soon!

08.02.2008 CAN – Winnipeg MB, West End Cultural Center

09.02.2008 CAN – Regina SK, Exchange

10.02.2008 CAN – Edmonton AL, Starlite Room

11.02.2008 CAN – Calgary AL, Warehouse

13.02.2008 CAN – Vancouver BC, Plaza Club

14.02.2008 USA – Seattle WA, El Corazon

15.02.2008 USA – Portland OR, Hawthorne Theater

16.02.2008 USA – Orangevale CA, The Boardwalk

18.02.2008 USA – San Francisco CA, Slim’s

19.02.2008 USA – San Diego CA, House of Blues

More dates to be announced soon!

Tickets are on sale now exclusively through until 1/10.

15 Aug 2007 – Thomas sign’s an endorsement deal! Thomas signs endorsement deal for cymbals with SABIAN! 15 Jun 2007 – Exclusive CD release concert and party!

Visions of Atlantis will be playing an exclusive CD release concert & party (view flyer), this is the only show besides the Masters of Rock Festival that Visions of Atlantis will play this year:

11.07.2007 A-Oberaich, Kultursaal

Special guests:

TĂœr (FRO)

Ars Amatoria (AUT)

05 Jun 2007 – Trinity is out now! Visions of Atlantis’ new album “Trinity” is out now in North America & Europe! To order yourself a copy, please visit: 18 May 2007 – Cover story in Crypt O Goths Magazine! Visions of Atlantis will be on the cover of the next issue (#11) of French print magazine “Crypt O Goths”. It will include an interview with Melissa! (view cover)

Crypt O Goths #11 will be out in mid-June! 26 Apr 2007 – Pre-Order your copy of Trinity today!

You can now pre-order the forthcoming Visions of Atlantis album, “Trinity” via!!! Order your copy today!!!

05 Apr 2007 – New Promotional Photos! Visions of Atlantis are proud to show off their new promotional photographs! All photo’s courtesy of Toni HĂ€rkönen. They can now be found in the gallery! 21 Mar 2007 – Exclusive European Festival | Masters of Rock 2007


During the summer of 2007, Visions of Atlantis will only be playing at one festival in Europe. The band are due to play at the Masters of Rock Festival 2007 in Vizovice, Czech Republic.The festival takes place between 12th & 15th of July 2007. For more information on this festival, or the band’s that are confirmed to join Visions of Atlantis, please visit:

Please remember that this will be the ONLY festival that you will be able to see Visions of Atlantis play in Europe this summer!!!

05 Mar 2007 – Pre-release samples of “Trinity” are available online!


With the release of “Trinity” fast approaching, sample’s of the new album have been published online! The sample’s can be found by visiting the following links, or by visiting the forum.

01. At The Back of Beyond [listen]

02. The Secret [listen]

03. Passing Dead End [listen]

04. The Poem [listen]

05. Nothing Left [listen]

06. My Darkside Home [listen]

07. Wing-Shaped Heart [listen]

08. Return To You [listen]

09. Through My Eyes [listen]

10. Flow This Desert [listen]

11. Seven Seas [listen]

20 Feb 2007 – Additional North American Tour dates


On the North American Tour later this year, there have been 5 new dates added to the tour. Please check the “Live” section for the full tour dates.

11.09.2007 CAN – MontrĂ©al QC, Club Soda

12.09.2007 CAN – QuĂ©bec QC, ImpĂ©rial

23.09.2007 USA – Portland OR, Roseland Theater & Grill

26.09.2007 USA – Santa Ana CA, Galaxy Theatre

28.09.2007 USA – Tempe AZ, The Clubhouse

For the full tour schedule, please check the “Tour Info” section.

30 Jan 2007 – New tour announced! | North American Tour 2007


Visions of Atlantis are proud to announce the first North American tour supporting EPICA! The tour will support the release of ‘Trinity’ and Visions of Atlanits are really excited about their first adventure in the new world. Especially since it’s Melissa’s home territory :-).

Be sure to check the dates and secure your tickets in advance. See you on the road!

05.09.2007 USA – West Springfield VA, Jaxx

06.09.2007 USA – Hartford CT, Webster Theatre

07.09.2007 USA – Pughkeepsie NY, The Chance

08.09.2007 USA – Bedford NH, Mark’s Place

09.09.2007 USA – New York City NY, Highline Ballroom

14.09.2007 CAN – Toronto ONT, The Funhouse

15.09.2007 USA – Cleveland OH, Peabody’s

16.09.2007 USA – Detroit MI, I-Rock

18.09.2007 USA – Mokena IL, The Pearl Room

19.09.2007 USA – St. Paul MN, Station 4

22.09.2007 USA – Seattle WA, Studio Seven

25.09.2007 USA – West Hollywood CA, Whiskey a Go Go

27.09.2007 MEX – Mexicali, The Metro

30.09.2007 USA – San Antonio TX, Sanctuary

01.10.2007 USA – Houston TX, Meridian ston TX, Meridian


12 Jan 2007 – New US & Canada booking agency | First Row Talent Visions of Atlantis have recently revealed that they now have a new booking agency for tour’s to the US and Canada. The booking agency is called “First Row Talent”. Below are the detail’s for this agency:

First Row Talent

John Finberg


6220 Lemona Ave Suite 8

Van Nuys, CA 91411


Tel: (818) 994-9544

Fax: (818) 994-9547

11 Jan 2007 – Thanks from Visions of Atlantis HAPPY NEW YEAR! Visions of Atlantis have just returned from a very successful Asian Tour with Edenbridge. They would like to thank Rock Empire, Painkiller Magazine and all of the fans that showed up to support them.

“IT WAS AMAZING!! I consider it the highlight of my career to date. It was that wonderful. The people were all so amazing..Space, William, Kenny, Mel, everyone at Rock Empire and Painkiller Mag and also Everyone was so damned generous and wonderful. I feel so privileged to have been given these amazing memories by these wonderful people. Never have I been in a band that was treated so amazingly.” – Melissa Ferlaak

31 Dec 2006 – Forthcoming album detail’s revealed!

Visions of Atlantis’ forthcoming new album detail’s have been released for the whole world to see! The album is to be entitled, “Trinity”. The artwork for the album was created by Antony Clarksson who has also designed artworks for band’s such as Blind Guardian, Hypocrisy and Exodus. The album release date is not yet confirmed.


More Info:

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